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How to stream SoapCast to your TV

How to stream SoapCast to your TV without HDMI or VGA cable:

1. Install Serviio media server –

2. Install SoapCast or

3. Open some stream with SoapCast.

4. Open Servio console – select tabs: Library -> Online sources

Press Add button –
Source type: Live stream
Source url:
Display name: Live SopCast Stream
Press Add button.
# You can use another Display name is url stream from SopCast.

5. Open Servio console – select tabs: Library -> Online sources
At Preferred online content quality select High.

6. In Servio console select tab -> Presentation
– select Category name/Visibility and Disable all
Audio – Disable all
Image – Disable all
Video – Disable all

After that select Category name/Visibility:
Video – Display content only
Video – Folders – Display content only
Video – Online – Display content only

7. In Servio console select tab Library -> Shared foldersForce refresh button.

8. Connect the TV to your computer or to same network, open your TV -> select Source -> serviio (all share) -> Online stream and use Live Serviio Stream

9. Check other useful sources:

For a better experience use a stream in HD.

If your TV doesn’t see the PC then select: Status – Network Settings – Bound IP adress and choose your network card.

Other problems.



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